Paid Media

Pay Per Click Marketing with Results

How would your marketing efforts change if one tool could instantly expand your audience, doing in just a few hours what it typically takes months to accomplish? This is what effective pay per click marketing does. Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a form of digital marketing that uses affordable paid ads to reach a highly targeted audience through search and social media advertising. With the right strategy and implementation, PPC digital advertising brings a high return on investment. Marketible is here to ensure that happens.

Strategic Planning for Effective PPC Campaigns

Our services start with planning campaigns that will effectively reach your targeted market. Planning gets your marketing off to the best start, serving as the foundation of an effective campaign.

With the right plan, our creative team goes to work drafting top quality advertising. From attention-grabbing headlines to the ad content and the images the ads contain, our team will draft copy that connects with your audience well. We will create a few solutions, then test it to determine what options get the best response.

Launching and Monitoring Ads

Once we've identified the most effective ads, we launch the full campaign monitoring and analyzing the results. Throughout the campaign we will continually optimize the ads so they are as effective as possible, driving return. We continually communicate the results with detailed reporting ensuring the spend is driving revenue.

Don't waste another dime on PPC campaigns that aren't working. See what successful PPC marketing looks like with the help of Marketible.