Email Marketing

The Right Time, The Right Message

Email marketing can be an effective part of an online marketing program, and the Marketible team has a proven email marketing process that will effectively reach and convert your target market. Led by a team of results-driven professionals, Marketible will work with you to create and deliver an effective email marketing campaign that will support your online marketing goals.

Customer-Centric Email Marketing Campaigns

At Marketible, we believe that your email marketing campaign should operate seamlessly on autopilot, so you don't have to stress about it. We also know that customer-centric email marketing is the most effective. From initial contact to the final email in your campaign, everything needs to revolve around meeting a customer's needs.

  • Planning for email content that will nurture prospects from initial contact through committed customer, using your value proposition, goals and past email campaigns for inspiration.
  • Developing a strategy to serve as a blueprint for the campaign, using data-backed strategies for success.
  • Creating the content with the help of our creative copywriting team.
  • Launch the campaign for the ultimate return on investment.
  • Design an effective call to action that turns readers into customers.
  • Create a customer-centric lead capture plan that automatically generates leads for your campaigns and creates interest, so leads want to read the emails you send.

In every step of this process, we keep your customer's needs in mind while also focusing tightly on your specified goals. By keeping your campaign and lead generation strategies customer-centric, we can help ensure that people want to read the emails you send and are excited to receive them.

Ongoing Optimization with Proven Metrics

Our services don't stop once you have your email campaign in hand. In addition to creating and launching your campaign, our team uses proven metrics to analyze the effectiveness of each campaign we oversee. Let us partner with you to take back the power of email marketing through effective campaigns that convert! Contact our creative team today to get started.