Data Science and Analytics

Making Big Data Make Sense!

The vast amounts of data available to today's business owner are a marketer's dream come true, yet it's easy to get completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of "numbers" you have to analyze. At Marketible, we love the science behind data and analytics, and we can help you by taking those numbers and turning them into something that makes sense.

The Data Behind Your Marketing

Our analytics and data science services take the numbers from your data and turn them into a relatable, contextual story. In other words, we translate the numbers into scenarios that you can understand and opportunities you can take to improve your marketing efforts. Our comprehensive data analytics looks at everything from customer purchase cycles and behavioral profiling to device behavior and financial simulations to give you a clear "big picture" of your brand and your marketing effectiveness.

What Analytics Can Do for You

  • Evaluate the behavior and predict actions of your site visitors
  • Experiment with look-alike models of ideal clients
  • Analyze and optimize the performance of your digital assets
  • Follow the customer from initial contact through conversion to find areas where your funnel is failing
  • Predict potential outcomes based on changes you are making to your online marketing efforts
  • Decide what the best option is to help you reach your marketing goals
If you are ready to enjoy these benefits, you need the right help to dig in to and understand the wealth of data at your fingertips. The Marketible team can help!